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Meet Ali McGregor,


Certified Functional Nutrition Coach

Directly out of college with a Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Administration and Master’s of Science in the Science of Healthcare Delivery, Ali McGregor worked in corporate healthcare where she learned the administrative and clinical side to the primary care system and implemented the use of her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

She is a certified Functional Nutrition Coach where she meets her clients where they're at in their nutrition journey, takes a deep dive into their nutrition habits and reveal areas to optimize their health and overall wellness using a 7-point function medicine approach, coaching them each step of the way...

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Health Coaching

I help clients ditch the diet culture by showing them how to find balance between eating enough and deciding how they feel, using a functional medicine approach, so they can cultivate sustainable eating habits to live a healthy and balanced life.

Goal Setting + System Implementation.

Goal setting can be a very overwhelming topic for many, including myself at one point, so I have created a foolproof process to set goals for all areas of your life including; health, happiness, relationships, personal development, finances, career and positive impact on the world.
Along with creating an easy step-by-step process to envision your biggest life-goals, I will show you how to bring these goals from being a vision in your mind to your physical reality via my system implementation plans. This plan will help you create world-class systems and build healthy habits to get you from where you are to where you want to be!

Build Sustainable Healthy Habits.

We all know that fad diets and 30 day programs do not have success over long periods of time because they they don't correct the problem at the systems level, the program fixes the problem for "right now" and once the program is over, you quickly revert back to old habits.
I've created a fool-proof system that is ensured to help anyone build and implement sustainable, healthy changes for a lifetime!

Build Innate Confidence + Self-Belief.

If you want to achieve anything in your life, you must first have the confidence and belief within yourself that you can do so! Confident people ask for what they want in life! They believe in their abilities and aim high with their goals which leads to bigger results!
In this eight day confidence course, you will learn how to build innate confidence and self-belief within you so you can finally tackle the lifetime goals that you have always wanted to but haven't had the confidence to do so! This is your key to success!


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“Ali helped me remove guilt from my eating habits, helped me reframe my thoughts around food, and showed me how to look at my diet more holistically, instead of just looking at the physical body."

— Haylee M.

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a supportive space to have honest and real conversations to help individuals transform their lives for the better! This community strives to "master" all areas of their life. The goal isn't about perfection, but rather progress and knowing the journey will be a bit messy along the way... 


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Life Simplified is an inclusive community of curious, conscious seekers who connect online and gather all over the country. It all started when Ali was curious about navigating her 20s and living into her full potential. She knew she wasn’t alone. Nearly all of us have found or find ourselves in one life transition or another, in need of support, insight, and love as we navigate.


The Secret Facebook Group was born to continue and expand upon the conversations that Ali is having on the Master It podcast and her social media.


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