Lose those last 10 pounds and fit back into your skinny jeans without the fad diets or food restriction

And without having to feel guilty for not eating healthy all the time


Do you feel guilty when enjoying a meal out with friends and family because it's "not allowed" on your latest diet?

Do you find yourself grabbing potato chips or chocolate chip cookies when the cravings hit because carrot sticks and celery just doesn't sound that appealing?

Maybe you’ve found yourself eating half a box of Oreo's and a glass of milk before bed and going to bed with a belly ache and disappointment.

In the past, have you tried to eat healthy, got frustrated with the process and fell off track again? 

Do you constantly feel sluggish, drained and weak because you’re not sure what to fuel your body with?

Now imagine instead if you could feel...

  • Energized throughout your workday without having to grab a second (or third) cup of coffee

  • Not guilty for eating that small bag of chips knowing that it won’t spiral into completely ruining your diet

  • Proud of yourself for keeping up with your healthy lifestyle in six months instead of crashing, burning and starting again on Monday

I hear you!

Ali McGregor here. I’ve been in your shoes - longing for a positive change with food but not sure how or where to start!When I first started on this nutrition transformation journey four years ago, it was overwhelming and I had no clue where to start, I was jumping from one trendy diet to the next, thought I could never enjoy any sweets and had to be extremely strict and limited when it came to the foods I ate.I would even go as far as declining invites out to dinner with friends because I knew it didn’t fit into my latest diet. The fad diets worked until the moment I stopped following their strict rules and the weight would come back. I was missing out on the best parts of life like enjoying meals with family + friends because the food didn’t fit into my small box of “healthy.” And most importantly, restricting myself from so many foods only made me want them more which led to binge eating and feeling worse about myself before the diet.Once I healed my relationship with food and learned how to fuel it properly, my life changed forever. After 20+ years of poor eating habits, I never realized how good I could feel until this point! Now that I’ve transformed my nutrition habits, I want to show you how it is possible to find freedom with food too!


Zero Guilt Nutrition Coaching

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My nutrition coaching program is based off of human nutrition science + creating long-term changes vs. a quick fix that most diets guarantee.

In this program, you’ll learn how to create sustainable nutrition habits that will last a lifetime to avoid the costs of chronic illnesses.

Book your call today & learn more about the

Zero Guilt Nutrition Coaching Program, which includes: 

  • Weekly individual nutrition coaching calls so you can get support and education when you feel like you’re running low on motivation

  • Templates to build a healthy plate so you can feel confident knowing you’re giving your body the food it need

  • Personal supplement recommendations so you can feel and show up as the healthiest version of yourself

  • 7 Day Simplified Smoothie Guide so you can build a well balanced breakfast that tastes great and keeps you full all morning long

  • ​Mindful eating resources so you can feel confident and conscious about your food choices without feeling deprived

  • Guided meditations so you can rewire your brain pathways into the healthiest version of YOU!


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“Ali helped me remove guilt from my eating habits, helped me reframe my thoughts around food, and showed me how to look at my diet more holistically, instead of just looking at the physical body."

— Haylee M.